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Net Positive -

We all need to communicate, but your communication should also support your values and enhance your brand reputation.

By working with Seacourt our clients appreciate that their printing provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate their own sustainability agenda, adding value and helping to further build integrity and trust.

Having come to understand the full extent of the printing industry’s impact on the environment some twenty years ago we felt compelled to act.

Since then we have had a vision and purpose to continue delivering printed communications of exemplary quality, but without leaving its mark on the environment.

This single focus has seen us transform our business from being no different to any other printer –resource and energy intensive, a major consumer of water and contributor to landfill and user of harmful chemicals to being THE UK’s sustainable printing company and a shining example of how print can be the most sustainable communication channel. 

There has been no silver bullet, simply years of taking incremental steps to turn a well-founded perception of printing as a dirty industry completely on its head.  

Now officially recognised as Europe’s leading sustainable SME by the European Commission’s EMAS programme we are seen as a beacon of excellence in the circular – zero waste – economy. 

Three Queens Awards in the last decade have acknowledged our innovative approach including achieving ZERO waste to landfill in 2009 and revolutionising the printing process with our development of LightTouch - just a couple of examples taken from two decades of innovation.  

We are now taking this leadership position a step further still. We don’t simply want to minimise our impact but want our business to positively benefit the environment and society.  

We’re doing this by enabling clients to have printing that’s not only sustainable but actually makes a positive impact instead of harming the environment. 

But it’s not just about one job, one print run…it’s about the impact of our entire business.

The environment and society are actually better off for Seacourt being in existence.

Imagine that! 

So think about this… 

Everything you print can have a planet positive impact! 

That was our vison and then some, but now it’s become a reality. 

Net Positive. #Futureproof

Net Positive =

  • - Printing LightTouch : 0% Water & 0% Chemicals
  • - 100% Renewable Energy
  • - ZERO waste to Landfill
  • - 100% Recycled FSC stock
  • - VOC Free Inks
  • - Carbon Positive Factory, including entire supply chain