How smaller firms can start their journey to One Planet Living

Over half a million people are connected to organisations who have signed up to One Planet Living. This global framework for sustainable living, created by environmental charity Bioregional, is derived from a vision of the world where everyone can live happy, healthy lives within the limits of our planet.

One Planet Living provides ten intuitive principles which work together to make truly sustainable living a reality across all aspects of life, from our homes and communities to our workplaces and built environments.

In the commercial world, businesses across the globe are using One Planet Living as a basis for long term strategic planning, to ensure they build sustainability across every point of impact, from suppliers, to operations management through to distribution and marketing.

In a recent blog for Bioregional, Chloé Joyeux explains why firms are under immense pressure to show they are taking the fight against climate change seriously. Stakeholders such as shareholders, employees and customers want to see firms “...clearly link their brands and their core values to their business purpose, ie., what they stand for in historical, emotional, ethical and practical terms.” She stresses the importance of sustainability reporting, and how it enables firms to clearly demonstrate their purpose in measurable ways, citing the work Bioregional has done with home improvement retailer B&Q. Over a decade’s work is culminated in B&Q’s Sustainable Growth Plan, fulfilling its purpose “to create good homes by making home improvement accessible for everyone.”

Smaller firms who are keen to become more sustainable and ‘put their toe in the water’ now have practical guidance from a scheme which aligns closely with One Planet Living.

Better Business Pack offers firms nine simple actions to build experience from which to develop a longer term strategy. Each action links to an element of the One Planet Living framework and can be expanded as the firm grows, and as it develops feedback and gathers data in sustainability activities.

Here’s a summary of how the actions in the two frameworks are linked:

Better Business Pack is being delivered by print firm Seacourt. Like B&Q the firm has taken many years (two decades, in fact) to reach its current position as a zero waste, circular economy business with a net positive impact on the environment.

RAW Workshop, a social business in Oxford, UK, which designs and makes wood products, is one of the first firms to sign up for Better Business Pack. Founder Rick Mower says: “We admire Seacourt for sharing its knowledge and expertise with the Better Business Pack. The scheme speaks to business owners, who face the challenges of operating in a competitive market but want to push on with reducing their impact on the environment.”

Better Business has been developed by Seacourt with funding from Oxfutures to help Oxfordshire businesses become more environmentally sustainable. Sustainability partners for Better Business include ethical bank Triodos and renewables supplier Green Energy. Oxfutures is a collaborative initiative funded by the European Regional Development Fund to boost low-carbon economic development in Oxfordshire. The partners in Oxfutures are Low Carbon Hub, Bioregional, Oxford City Council, the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University and Cherwell District Council.


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