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Printing is historically one of the most polluting industries in the UK.  Almost all printers are responsible for high levels of landfill, water consumption, VOC emissions and CO2 emissions – however there is a different way

Here at Seacourt we provide our clients with Planet Positive Printing™ – meaning that their printed materials are actually benefitting our environment and society

Now you don’t need to apologise to print –be part of the solution.

Printing is communication


but are you missing an opportunity to create value, trust and integrity with your stakeholders?

Planet Positive Printing creates marketing value and engagement.

  • Waterless offset printing with LED drying

  • 100% alcohol (VOC) free printing process

  • FSC Certified recycled paper

  • 100% renewable energy

  • Zero waste to landfill (since 2009)

  • Net carbon negative

  • Positive social impact

What is Planet Positive Printing™?

Planet Positive Printing™ is about having a Net Positive impact on the Environment, Society and Economy.  A position where you don’t need to apologise to print, but actually contribute by printing, and which supports key principles such as the circular economy and clean energy.

It’s about creating a sustainable business that gives back more than it consumes.


Having already taken actions to reduce our impacts over 20 years of innovation, moving to waterless printing, inventing the LightTouch printing process, becoming ZERO waste, VOC free, gaining x3 Queens Awards for sustainable development, and the European commission's most sustainable SME in 2017, we want to go further.


We have now taken complete ownership of the environmental impact of our entire supply chain, our outputs and even travel to and from work.


With the support of Empathy Sustainability we carried out an extensive assessment of our entire business impact – both within our factory, but also our supply chain, so that we are taking responsibility for our businesses impact in its entirety.


This was then independently audited by Anthesis Ltd and we have then worked with Climate Care on an offset programme which captures carbon and creates positive social impact. 

Giving back more than we consume = Net Positive.

We want our client's printed materials to have a net positive impact.


Our long term sustainable future relies on living on one planet and within the earth’s carrying capacity.  Doing less harm only takes us so far if the net impacts remain negative. 


The leadership position, and only strategy that doesn’t leave our children and future generations with the consequences of our negative impacts, is to be Net Positive


This review was printed on 100% recycled materials

in a printing process that uses no water, generates no landfill waste, and is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Seacourt is a Net Positive printer that makes a positive contribution to the environment and society

“Walking the supply chain”


Arjowiggins recycled paper

and de-inking plant,France.

Planet Positive Printing -meaning

At this moment in time, Planet Positive Printing means that we have gone beyond carbon neutral for our entire supply chain emissions.  This means Scopes 1, 2 and 3 -everything that we caused to happen, including even distribution to clients.

The terminology and scope for what it means to be net zero is currently being codified.  The Science Based Targets / CDP foundations paper suggests that there are three classifications: 

  • Carbon neutrality;

  • Net zero-emissions (which includes all GHGs); and

  • Climate neutrality, (which includes biogeophysical effects of human activities, and other radiative forcers). 

Seacourt is on a journey to get there.  We are already beyond carbon neutral -we are at negative CO2e emissions. We are now exploring what it means to be net positive for the environment, for which a standard process does not currently exist. 

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How  you print says something about you.   Make sure it’s positive: Planet Positive