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Printing is historically one of the most polluting industries in the UK.  Almost all printers are responsible for high levels of landfill, water consumption, VOC emissions and CO2 emissions – however there is a different way

Here at Seacourt we provide our clients with Planet Positive Printing™ – meaning that their printed materials are actually benefitting our environment and society

Now you don’t need to apologise to print –be part of the solution.

What is Planet Positive Printing™?

Planet Positive Printing™ is about having a Net Positive impact on climate change, society and the economy.  A position where you don’t need to apologise to print, but actually contribute to a sustainable future and circular economy, and engage your readers in a positive way.

We need to take action to go beyond doing less harm to actually being restorative and regenerative for the benefit of future generations.

We have taken ownership of the environmental impact of our entire supply chain, and before considering any offsets, we have been on a 25 year journey to reduce our impacts through innovation -inventing the LightTouch printing process, through waterless printing, becoming ZERO waste to landfill, 100% renewable energy and becoming virtually volatile organic chemicals (VOC) free.

We offset 110% of our entire supply chain impact with Gold Standard VER offsets via Climate Care, with programmes which also create positive social impact. 

We have gained 4 Queens Awards for sustainable development, and won the European commission's EMAS most sustainable SME in Europe in 2017, and we now want to go even further.

It's not just about us.  We want our client's printed materials to have a net positive impact so that You can engage your readers in a positive and authentic way.  Our footprinting therefore includes delivery to you and to end of life.


Printing is communication

  • Waterless offset printing with LED drying

  • 100% alcohol (VOC) free printing process

  • FSC Certified recycled paper

  • 100% renewable energy

  • Zero waste to landfill (since 2009)

  • Net carbon negative

  • Positive social impact

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This review was printed on 100% recycled materials

in a printing process that uses no water, generates no landfill waste, and is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Seacourt is a Net Positive printer that makes a positive contribution to climate change and society

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How  you print says something about you.   Make sure it’s positive: Planet Positive